Website Design

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We believe website design should be built around your audience and that your brand & your message should be clearly communicated in the site design. Therefore, our websites are designed with your content and goals at the forefront and with flexibility to fit any need and budget.

Website features available to customize your site:

  • Mobile Responsive
  • Custom Web Graphic Elements
  • Social Media Integration
  • e-commerce
  • Portfolio/Gallery
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Animated Graphics
  • Contact Form
  • Newsletter Sign Up
  • Blog
  • Customized e-mails (no more gmail or yahoo)

It is our goal to exceed your website design expectations. Focus and planning out the key components of your website are a large contributor to the end result. Some of these components include visitor experience, layout, typography, animation & e-commerce. Here’s a synopsis of each of these elements.

Visitor Experience
Is the website easy to use and navigate? The way your content is displayed and the navigation structure of your site are essential elements to ensure high user satisfaction.

It’s nice to have some sort of movement on your website. For example, when a website visitor hovers the mouse over an element on your web page, there is a movement or change in appearance that occurs, creating animation.

We believe simple is better when it comes to animation. The goal is to enhance your content, not distract your audience from learning about it.

Other animations could be videos or slideshows. One important factor we take into count when adding videos or slideshows to a website is to ensure proper compression and embedding. This helps with page load and speed time. Patience is a virtue, but we don’t want to test that out on your website:)

Layout & Responsive Design
With technology advancing at its current rate, it is important to make sure your website is keepin’ up with the Joneses. If you have great looking graphics and quality web content, that’s fantastic, but it’s not enough to stop at that. You must arrange each web page so your customers can navigate & easily understand your message and so your site can easily be viewed and used on all devices and platforms.

With tablet and mobile device technology advancements, more people are using these devices to search and surf the web everyday. When you have a mobile/responsive web design, you can greatly improve the way your mobile/tablet users are interacting with your business.

Another technology element we consider is how your site displays on different browsers. Main browsers we test are Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. This ensures that no matter what web browser your customer is using, they can see your content the way it was meant for them to see.
All of these aspects of layout and design are critical to the look and feel of your website.

There’s a science to text, fonts, size, proportions and layout that are crucial to not only make your site look good but make it easy to read as well. At Downlifter, we use typography to perfect your website esthetic & create easily readable content.

Each website has it’s own purpose. If selling a product is yours, you need e-commerce capabilities. This will allow you to showcase each of your products and allow your consumer to create shopping carts and purchase your product directly from your website. At Downlifter, we offer different e-commerce website design packages depending on your product inventory.


Custom Website Design
*includes consultation, website content writing or re-writing, social media integration, photo & video upload, contact form(s) & responsive programming
Up to 6 pages – $1500+
Up to 15 pages – $2500+

E-Commerce Website Design
*includes consultation, website content writing or re-writing, social media integration, photos & video upload, contact form(s) & responsive programming
Up to 100 products – $3000+
Up to 500 products – $4500+
500+ products – Request a Quote

Additional Website Design Options
*Request a quote for custom option pricing. Please specify which website design options you’d like to incorporate into your site.

  • Blog
  • Portfolio/Gallery
  • Animated Graphics
  • Graphic Element Design
  • Logo Design
  • Advertisement Design
  • Company Document Design (with download capability)
  • Brochure Design (with download capability)
  • Menu Design (with download capability)
  • Custom Document Design (with download capability)